“H” Litter

Dilmunfast “H” Litter

Ahlive vom Abendlander X Finn vom Felsengebirge

Our H litter was a repeat of the G litter.  We were so pleased with that outcome, we decided to do it again.  The pups from the G litter were big, heavily muscled and bold; along with Livie’s calm demeanor, made for quite the package. This litter was never advertised as most of the pups had been sold for over a year.

Ahlive vom Abendländer “Livie”

Ahlive vom Abendländer


Livie came to us from Utah in late 2013.  She  is an absolute gem of a girl.  Just a wonderful dog to be around.  My wife has said that she has a home for life and that’s the first dog she’s said that of.  Livie is a foot hunters dream, if you are a quail or woodcock hunter, she is the dog for you.  She is methodical and thorough in her search, ranging out as terrain permits but is usually not far out of shotgun range.  She is a serviceable retriever in the water, doesn’t set the world on fire but knows her business, like in the field she is determined searcher.












“G” Litter

Dilmunfast “G” Litter

Ahlive vom Abendlander X Finn vom Felsengebirge

                  IMG_2560Finn vom Felsengebirge 

Finn is the only dog in the GNA to score a perfect score at the VGP.  He is a half brother to Kriegor, sharing the same sire.  Our F litter paired Ahlive and Kriegor with excellent results.  The G litter we expect to share the same excellent qualities but with the added benefit of line breeding on “A” litter Barenwald, which can be argued to be one of the best litters in recent memory.  We hope to incorporate one of these males back into our breeding program.

Pups were whelped on November 10, 2015

“F” Litter


“F” Litter   Ahlive vom Abendlander and Avci (Kriegor) vom Blitzhaus

Due October 2014


Kriegor stud dog page

Our “G” litter will combine the Dilmunfast/Moorehaus/Drosselbart  motherlines to “A” litter Barenwald.  This has proven to be a consistently solid match.  I purchased this female for this specific cross and am looking forward to reintroducing these off-spring back into my kennel.

IMG_7220  IMG_7217 IMG_7214 IMG_7210IMG_7218




“E” Litter

Cita vom Dilmunfast

Feb 19 561Scan 1

Feuer vom Bandorfer-Forst

Feuer vom Bandorfer-Forst AA.jpg.54311341858972bandorferforst_f_peg

Puppies are here !  Born on 25 November 2013, Cita had 8 females and 4 males.

This breeding produced what I had hoped for.  First, the coats were wonderful.  Second, the pups are larger in size then previous litters and it goes without saying that the temperament is still sound.  Pups are friendly.  New owners are training them and I’m enjoying the video of the little guys pointing and retrieving.







Cita vom Dilmunfast

215147, Brsch, DOB: 6.11.2010, ZR Pending, 10/10, 57/59,VJP-67, HZP-168  Armb, HD Free

Cita is the best dog produced by our foundation female Ira.  She is somewhat aloof in personality, not that she doesn’t like affection but she’d rather be hunting instead of getting a pat on the head.  She is swift, efficient and tenacious in the water and deliberate, thorough and intelligent in the field.  She has tremendous prey drive and will not quit.  She has the best of her mother’s temperament and focus and the drive of her father.

“D” Litter

“D” vom Dilmunfast
Whelped on 1 February 2013. Cita delivered eight healthy puppies; 5 males and 3 females.

“D” vom Dilmunfast
Our “D” litter is a line breeding along the “I” litter vom Moorehaus. That was a great litter that produced 2 VGP females, one of which was our Ira. Ira also went onto finish the 20 and 40 hour blood track with prize II and I work. The “I” litter produced tenacious hunting dogs with rock solid temperaments. Our “D” crossed Colt vom Entenmoor and Eddo vom Felengebirge into this line. Both Eddo and Colt have proved themselves as an excellent addition to this gene pool.

Cita vom Dilmunfast

215147, Brsch, DOB: 6.11.2010, ZR Pending, 10/10, 57/59,VJP-67, HZP-168 Armbruster 2012, HD Free
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Avci vom Blitzhaus “Kriegor”

213117, Brsch, DOB: 7.3.2010, ZR 227/10, 11/11, 62/62,VJP-71, HZP-178 /193 Armbruster 2011, VGP-I./320ÜF, Winner Armbruster 2011,   Best Water dog Armbruster 2011, Best Field dog Armbruster 2011,  HD free, Test results for genetic disorders available.
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“Kriegor” Avci vom Blitzhaus

213117, Brsch, DOB: 7.3.2010,  ZR 227/10, 11/11, 62/62,VJP-71, HZP-178 /193 Armb, VGP-I./320ÜF, 1st place Armbruster 2011. Best Water dog Armbruster 2011, Best Field dog Armbruster 2011.  VSwP 20 hour Prize 1. Test results for genetic disorders available.

Wow!  I just can’t say enough about this dog.  We all have those once in a lifetime dogs  and Kriegor is mine.  The funny thing is I got him totally by accident and if not for the instant love of a little girl for a puppy, he would have went to another home.

Kriegor can do it all.  He is as fine a pointer as I’ve ever hunted behind and an absolute monster in the water.  His drive is unparalleled.  He is very affectionate in the home and as a puppy his favorite place was in the lap of whomever would  let him in it.  He is much calmer in demeanor now and is just as content to lay at my feet or by the fire.   Thank goodness!  He is bold, confident and afraid of nothing.

Fall of 2012, he finished the VGP receiving 4’s in all catagories, save one, to include the overnight bloodtrack.  Kriegor is now one of the few active dogs in this Country to have passed the 20 hour VSwP and hope to do the 40 hour test in the fall (2014).  The amazing thing about him is that with as much drive as he has, he can shut it down to do the slow, methodical and focused work required by this particular test.


Kriegor stands at stud to approved VDD Breed Certified females only.  Negative Brucellosis required.

“C” Litter

For our third litter, Ira vom Moorehaus was bred to Eddo vom Felsengebirge who is owned by Blake Gibson in Utah.

Eddo was chosen for several reasons. First not only does he have the attributes that we desire but so do his littermates and more importantly their progeny are proving to possess them as well. Secondly Eddo has been bred successfully to the Moorehaus lines before with excellent results.

“B” Litter

For our second litter, Ira was breed to Duke vom Moorehaus who is owned by Charley Thomas in Pleasanton, Kansas. Duke is used as a duck and pheasant dog and all those that know him are complimentary of his manners and personality. He has one of the best temperments that we’ve run across and he is all businessin the field.

Ira whelped two puppies on April 21, 2009.