Breeding Philosophy

We strive to produce dogs of profound character and confidence. We desire a high degree of mental stability and focus which we feel leads to superior temperments. We work along established bloodlines that have been proven to produce consistent performance.

We strive to maintain the versatility of the breed and look for puppy buyers who are looking for a dog to perform all functions of hunting. Our dogs will hunt everything from fur to feathers with an emphasis on blood tracking. An excellent blood tracker, in our opinion, will only be able to perform his task if he has the mind to perform this concentrated task.

We want to breed dogs that want to be a part of your family. These dogs do far better when incorporated into your everyday lives. We want dogs that want to hunt and work with you. Afterall what good is a dog that can not be handled by all members of your family or that can’t ride with you in the front seat?

If you are looking for a hunting partner that will be high powered, cover alot of ground and will work hundreds of yards away from you, you’ll not be happy with one of ours. Our dogs tend to be close working with a high degree of cooperation and biddability. They tend to be thorough and methodical. We desire to produce pups that can be handled and hunted by anyone. This is not to say that our dogs are lack luster or boot lickers but quite the opposite. Our dogs want to be part of a hunting team. Full bag limits are not our only goal here. My joy in hunting starts the moment the dog is let out of the truck with excellent bird work and with a dog that clearly enjoys what he’s doing.

The male dogs that we use are either known to us or those whose opinion we value. We shy away from the “trendy” or dogs who may be the “flavor of the month”. We look at not only the performance of that male but what did his littermates do? What have his offspring done? The male must have the coat, conformation, drive, performance and temperament that we demand. We want the total package.