Questions to Ask your Potential Breeder

Its really hard to buy a bad DD but it is really easy to find a less than optimal Breeder.

  1. How long have you been breeding Drahthaars?
  2. How long have you been a VDD-GNA Club member?
  3. Are you a judge? Club official?
  4. Do you train, test and hunt your own dogs? MAYBE THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION. As the DD has gained in popularity, so has the popularity of breeding them. We have several guys buying breed certified dogs and breeding them, never having trained, or tested a DD themselves. What use can these potential breeders be to you?
  5. References.
  6. What do you hunt with your dogs?
  7. Why did you pick this stud dog? Convenience i.e. it’s the dog down the road should never be the answer.
  8. Why are you breeding this female?
  9. What are their faults? If they say they don’t have any – This should be a serious RED FLAG.
  10. Can I visit your kennel?
  11. What help can I expect from you after I buy the pup? Will you answer questions, Will you help me train? Will you help me with the VDD system? Ask the references about this follow through from the breeder.
  12. You should feel like the Breeder has as many questions about you as you do for him. If at any time he gives you a bad answer, move to the next guy on the list.

As a Dilmunfast puppy owner we expect you will:

  1. You will Provide adequate living conditions for my dog.
  2. You will feed my dog a premium dog food.
  3. You will provide my dog will adequate vet care.
  4. You will hunt my dog and provide me will feed back about the dog.
  5. I expect you to join the VDD-GNA.
  6. I expect you to test the dog in the JGHV system through at least HZP.
  7. I expect you to become an active member in our Club.
  8. I request that you consider training for and entering a VGP.
  9. If passing the VGP, I expect you to enter the JGHV judge apprentice program.